Introducing Gerald Lerner's New, Exciting Thriller-
The Nighthawk Deception

When a Soviet-era scientistbelieved dead for decadesmysteriously turns up alive and employed by the world’s most powerful biogenetic company, he announces an incredible human DNA breakthrough that threatens to tip the balance of global power and wealth.

Enter Mitch FloraManhattan-based photographer and former U.S. Army Ranger. Mitch finds himself reenlisted and on a new mission: defending the beautiful, secretive daughter of the scientist from Russian mercenaries. If she falls into their hands nothing will stop a New World Order from usurping the United States and it's allies and destroying Mitch’s one chance at true love. 

Having grown up reading Ludlum, Cook, Clancy and other iconic authors. I hope you enjoy my exciting new book. You can buy The Nighthawk Deception today at your favorite Ebook retailer and find out if... Mitch and Natalya can complete their mission, or if the forces of evil succeed in their sinister plot?